Our Story


The search for God and His purpose for my life was on, I had just completed a lonely retreat. I had no other cry than “Lord, What Am I Here For, What Is Your Purpose For My Life?’ In the course of this I came to Lagos on an official assignment and took some time out to see a friend who just moved into a new office in Victoria Island. It was in the search for his office I came to Ademola Alakija junction through Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue.

There I met a destitute boy begging for alms on the road divider and I gave him a token. At the point of handing over the token to the boy, the Holy Spirit said to me in a question “Is Money the Real Need of This Boy?” At first, I took this for a passing compassionate thought, and then¬†¬† heard him a second time, this time a lot more arresting than the first “Is Money the Real Need of This Boy?’ Only at this point did I start pondering on the question. Then I said to myself,

“If Money Be Not His Real Need, What Else Can I Do?”

“You Can Do Something, and You Will Do Something”,

the Lord said to me. Pregnant with this, I left Lagos for Ilorin where I was based.

At the end of a seven (7) day retreat and search, it became obvious that I have to spend the rest of my days here on earth seeing to it, that the lots of these orphaned, destitute, displaced, abandoned, naked and forgotten children is taken care of. At an early Thursday morning worship, the Lord said to me,

“It Is in Lagos That I Have the Den of These Children”.

I moved to Lagos (leaving my wife and children in Ilorin) to locate the will and purpose of God for my life. Without a dime but armed with this heavenly mandate, I moved into Lagos squatting with friends. I started telling my story and what I came to do in Lagos.

This did not go without criticism and cruel comments from well-meaning loving and caring friends who felt that I should not leave the certainty of my job for the uncertainty of a capital intensive and demanding work of the orphanage.

A friend wrote me a note, “Sam, why do you want to go into executive begging, when you are an executive giver, I have a job for you”. But I knew that I could not do any other thing at this time that will not be termed as gross disobedience to the heavenly mandate I was given. At points of despair and challenges, the Lord gave me this “My son, don’t doubt in the dark what I have given you in the light”. In the strength of this bread, i.e. God’s word, I forged ahead providing home for the orphaned, homeless, destitute, abandoned and forgotten children.