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On Angels Wings

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Written by Ishul Agabi

I ‘ve been racking my brain for some time now on what to write for these orphans. For a moment, it seemed my mind became a tabula rasa. The reason I deduced was that it was difficult to write about something you have not experienced, something you cannot relate to. Then one of those days I tuned the TV to a movie channel, to have an escape from my present world. The title of the movie was “On Angel’s Wings.” It was already halfway through when I tuned in, but I am one of those people who has a knack of following a movie no matter where you meet it. The movie reverberated themes of love, faith, peer pressure. It was the story of two teens – a brother and sister.

The boy struggled with a condition called dyslexia and needed operation while his sister fought with acceptance on a football team. One day, on their way home from school, the boy gave a leftover sandwich to a roadside beggar just before going to church. In the church, he prayed to God to take away his dyslexia. At the end of his prayer, the pastor walked up to him and they began talking. The boy said something that caught my attention and is the major thrust of this post. He said “You know how we pray for angels to give us miracles? Well, I just realized that we are angels and are meant to be a miracle to others!” He narrated how he gave his sandwich to a beggar and was an answer to his prayer for food! That’s when I knew what to write for those orphans even if I’ve never been in their shoes. So, when you get up each day, I want you to have in mind, that you are an angel and an answer to a child’s prayer. Somewhere, an orphan boy and girl are waiting on you to be a miracle of clothing, feeding, and education to their lives. And just in case you’re wondering what happened to the boy in this story, he received a miracle too! His dyslexia was healed and his sister excelled in football.

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